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About UCoach

UCoach have trained thousands of coaches, benefiting the wider tennis community. We train, assess and qualify coaches to become assistant coaches, coaches and leaders of industry in schools, clubs and centres across the UK.

We are actively encouraging successful assistant coaches to take the next steps on the coaching pathway.


Courses Fees

LTA Assistant (1st April onwards) £285 (inc VAT)
LTA Instructor (1st April onwards) £450 (inc VAT)
LTA Coach : £1,000 (inc VAT)
Padel Instructor: £575 (inc VAT)
First Aid: £95 (inc VAT)
Electives (Half Day) : £50 (inc VAT)
Safeguarding (Online) £30 (inc VAT)
Other Workshops : £50-£95 (inc VAT)

LTA Assistant

£275 (including VAT) /£285 (including VAT) from 1st April 2024

This enhanced two-day qualification is ideal for tennis parents, enthusiasts, or keen players looking for the knowledge and skills to support group coaching sessions, alongside a lead coach.

During the Level 1 Assistant coaching course you will learn:

  • Communication, organisation and differentiation skills for group coaching
  • Basic tactical, technical, physical and mental development frameworks
  • Other key assistant skills, from safeguarding to LTA Youth delivery


Typical deployment

As an LTA Assistant, you will be fully trained to assist a lead coach at any venue.

The course is designed so that sessions run by a lead coach can be run with higher group numbers, or a session with the same group numbers can be run with higher quality. The course learning outcomes are delivered as beginner level and 10 and under coaching. You will cover basic knowledge and skills that can be applied to any age and level of player.

Course duration and structure

The qualification is made up of two separate elements – Training and Assessment.

Training:  two days of face-to-face training time, separated by a minimum of three weeks (to provide time for you to get four hours of work experience and time to complete your coursework).

Assessment: The course doesn’t require a Final Assessment because you will be continually assessed throughout.

On completion of the course, you will be trained as a Court Supervisor and you will also receive your Safeguarding Training which can be accepted as part of an LTA Coach Accreditation.

What You Will Need

Interested? Great! Our courses just have a few pre-requisites to ensure that it’s right for you. For the LTA Assistant, you will need to:

  • Be 16 years old, on or before the first day of the course
  • Have a signed ‘letter of deployment’ from the venue where you have your four hours of work experience organised. We will send you a copy of this with our course confirmation.


How to book

  • Spaces can be booked via our website.


Reasonable adjustments are available and include any arrangements made prior to the delivery of a qualification, course, or workshop. Reasonable adjustments need to be authorised by the LTA.  Please contact the Coach Development Centre at the time of booking.


£425 (including VAT)/ £450 (including VAT) from 1st April 2024

This enhanced five day qualification, is ideal for those looking to build on the coaching foundations of LTA Assistant/Level 1, enabling you to lead (not assist) in the delivery of group coaching.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop more advanced skills in communication and organisation
  • Have introductory knowledge of ‘observation and analysis’ of players
  • Be able to provide general coaching advice across physical, mental, tactical, and technical domains
  • Plan and deliver structured lessons from official LTA Adult and Junior coaching products e.g., Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress, LTA Youth
  • Understand basic principles of skill acquisition, safeguarding and player development

Typical deployment

LTA Instructors will be trained to lead group coaching at any venue. The course learning outcomes are delivered in the context of beginner and intermediate group coaching, across adults and juniors.  However, the course covers basic knowledge and skills that are applicable for any age of player and any level of player.  LTA instructors will typically be deployed as part of a large programme, schools out-reach initiative, leisure centres, or smaller venues that do not have an LTA Coach (Level 3) available.

Course duration and structure

There are two separate components to LTA Qualifications; Training and Assessment.

Training: The LTA Instructor course consists of five days of face to face training time, which are separated by a minimum of four weeks (to provide time for 10 hours’ work experience & course work-completion). At LTA Instructor, the five days of learning are split into core and elective days. There are four days of core training and a half day elective (coaches choose what specialisation they do for their fifth day). The two new electives are: Great Group Coaching: Discovering and Driving Detail and Great Group Coaching: Repetition vs Realism. Core and elective training is booked (and paid for) separately.

Assessment: Final assessments are conducted during a real-life lesson of your choice, at a tennis venue of your choice.  Assessments are recorded by you (using smartphone equipment) and then submitted virtually by video upload. For more details please see the Assessments page.

Training prerequisites

For optimal course quality and impact, the LTA Instructor has pre-requisites to ensure that the course demands are aligned with your existing knowledge and skills. For LTA Instructor, these are:

  • A current or previous rating of 7.1 or higher OR successful completion of an Instructor Readiness Test. The Readiness Test can take up to two weeks to complete – please allow sufficient time for completion when signing up for the course.
  • Hold the Level 1 Coaching Assistant, LTA Tennis Assistants, or LTA Assistant qualification
  • Hold a DBS/PVG Enhanced Check with Child Barred List certificate applied for in the last 12 months through LTA/Tennis Scotland (volunteer certificates cannot be accepted).

Assessment prerequisites

  • Candidates must fully complete five training days (core and elective) and all coursework tasks before they can book their final assessment
  • Hold a valid certificate of competence in either First Aid at Work (FAW) Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), Paediatric First Aid (PFA) or have successfully completed the OFQUAL Level 3 in First Aid prior to assessment. This is to ensure you are safe to practice upon qualifying.

How to book

  • Qualification Training is booked (and paid) via LTA Coach Development Centres (our official external training provider network).
  • Qualification Assessment is booked (and paid) via the LTA


LTA Level 3 – £1000 (including VAT)

The brand-new LTA Tennis Coach Qualification is an 11-day qualification, comprising of nine days’ Core Training and two Electives (from a choice of three).

If you want to make the move towards a career in tennis coaching, add coaching individuals to your repertoire, or just upgrade your coaching to the next level, this course is for you.

During the course you will:

+ Gain a developed understanding of observation and analysis and learn how to use this to drive your coaching sessions.
+ Improve your players’ match play via match charting, statistics, goal setting and game-realistic drills.
+ Study and practically use the tactical and technical fundamentals that drive coaching knowledge
+ Understand the basics of Strength and Conditioning for tennis and understand how to implement them with players of any standard.
+ Practically apply a framework that will enable you to better coach players with disability
+ Learn how to build a tennis programme, including how to develop yourself
+ Take a deeper look at doubles coaching: roles, considerations, and patterns.

In addition to the 11 days’ training, you will complete circa 43 hours of remote coursework:

+ 15 hours on a Player Development Project, improving a player over a period of 8 weeks
+ 10 hours of Qualification Experience
+ 10 hours of online units and tests with Subject Matter Experts
+ 4 hours of demonstration and feeding tasks
+ 2 hours spent on the ITF online library of coach education
+ 2 hours on a Group Coaching Task

The Core Training is split into modules of two or three days, and each has a pre-module remote session, which is delivered via Collaborate on LTA Learn by your course Tutor. Coaches must attend all face-to-face and remote sessions.

Coaches can choose two Electives from a choice of three:

Coaching Female Players: From Physique to Technique
Performance Coaching: Standards, Principles & Drills
The elective is booked and paid for separately to the Core Training.

The final assessment is a real-life lesson, with a player and venue of your choosing, which you will capture on video using a smartphone. For more details, please see the LTA Assessments page.

Course Prerequisites

Hold the  LTA Instructor qualification (or Level 2 equivalent)
Be LTA Accredited  or hold a DBS/PVG Enhanced Check with Child Barred List certificate applied for in the past 12 months through LTA/Tennis Scotland (volunteer certificates cannot be accepted). A DBS can be accepted if you are on the Update Service - see here for more details. Please note that it may take at least eight weeks for a DBS to be processed and you must hold a valid LTA DBS certificate upon booking.
Have (or have had) a rating of 6.1 (post 2003) or better, have successfully completed the Coach Readiness Test or have previously completed a Play Test (at a minimum of Grade 1).  The Readiness Test can take up to two weeks to be assessed once submitted – please allow sufficient time for this when signing up for the course.

Assessment Prerequisites

Candidates must fully complete all 12 days and all coursework tasks before they can book their final assessment. A pass mark from the group assessment on Day 12 must be attained.
Hold a valid certificate of competence in either First Aid at Work (FAW) Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), Paediatric First Aid (PFA) or have successfully completed the OFQUAL Level 3 in First Aid prior to assessment. This is to ensure you are safe to practice upon qualifying.