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LTA Padel Instructor – Basset Down, Swindon


LTA Padel Instructor

Times:  9am-5pm
Dates:  13th December, 14th December 2023, 11th January and 15th February 2024
Venue:  Padel4All Basset Down, Hay Lane, Swindon SN4 9QW
Cost:   £575

Available Courses: 1



This 4 hour course will provide Coaches with some elementary knowledge and skills to offer basic Padel coaching to their repertoire. The learning outcomes for this course are:

+ Understand game situations and court positioning for Padel and how to teach them.

+ Learn some basic ways of teaching players how to use the back glass.

+ Understand and practice how coaching skills differ from tennis coaching to Padel coaching, including feeding.

+ Learn and play some games to take back to your venue and use with your players.


About UCoach

UCoach have trained thousands of coaches, benefiting the wider tennis community. We train, assess and qualify coaches to become assistant coaches, coaches and leaders of industry in schools, clubs and centres across the UK. We are actively encouraging successful assistant coaches to take the next steps on the coaching pathway.

Courses Fees

LTA Assistant: £250 (inc VAT)
LTA Assistant: £275 (inc VAT)
LTA Instructor : £425 (inc VAT)
LTA Coach : £950 (inc VAT)
First Aid: £85 (inc VAT)
First Aid: £95 (inc VAT)
Electives (Half Day) : £50 (inc VAT)
Cardio : £70 (inc VAT)
Other Workshops : £75-£90 (inc VAT)