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LTA Coach Forum – Towers Health & Racquets Club


Time:    10am-2pm
Date:    20th November 2023
Venue: Towers Health and Racquets Club, Clapham Road, Bedford MK41 6EL

Available Courses: 8

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The 2023 LTA Coach Forums are aimed at coaches with an interest in developing an on-court practice with grassroots doubles players, networking with like-minded coaches, and discussing key industry topics relevant to developing your business, players and yourselves. This is an event delivered in
partnership with your local Coach Development Centre, county, and the LTA.

By the end of the LTA Coach Forum, you will:

• Understand the LTA tactical development framework and its application to doubles.
• Be able to deliver and adapt attacking and defending drills for grassroots players.
• Have discussed and shared ideas and actions to develop yourselves and your business.

On-court session (2 hours)

The on-court session is titled ‘Doubles drills: attacking and defending’. The session will involve a series of doubles exercises written by British Tennis experts to develop attacking and defending skills for your players. In addition to getting some fresh new exercises from tutors, you will be challenged to work together to adapt and create your own exercises in a specific game situation based on the LTA’s tactical development framework.

Networking break (30 minutes)

Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided in the networking break between the on-court and off-court sessions. This is an opportunity to catch up with friends and like-minded coaches in your area.

Off-court session (1 hour 30 minutes)

The off-court session will be an interactive coach-to-coach discussion session. The main theme will be ‘Developing yourself and your business’. There will be the chance to discuss your own personal development and how to grow your business. We hope these professional coach discussions will leave
you: informed on best practice; connected; motivated and engaged for the year ahead.

The overall duration of this event is 4 hours.  Book your session now to secure your place and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

About UCoach

UCoach have trained thousands of coaches, benefiting the wider tennis community. We train, assess and qualify coaches to become assistant coaches, coaches and leaders of industry in schools, clubs and centres across the UK. We are actively encouraging successful assistant coaches to take the next steps on the coaching pathway.

Courses Fees

LTA Assistant: £250 (inc VAT)
LTA Assistant: £275 (inc VAT)
LTA Instructor : £425 (inc VAT)
LTA Coach : £950 (inc VAT)
First Aid: £85 (inc VAT)
First Aid: £95 (inc VAT)
Electives (Half Day) : £50 (inc VAT)
Cardio : £70 (inc VAT)
Other Workshops : £75-£90 (inc VAT)